Bill O’Reilly Wants The GOP Candidates To STFU With Debate Demands

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly isn’t happy with this year’s crop of Republican candidates for president. During an appearance on The Tonight Show Tuesday evening, the conservative made a guest appearance during Jimmy Fallon’s opening monologue. The GOP candidates have been throwing a fit lately, threatening to boycott the NBC News debate in February, pretty much pulling out of the partnership with Telemundo and bringing in an attorney to negotiate directly between the campaigns and the networks.

The whole thing is a clusterf*ck which even prompted President Barack Obama to mock them on Monday evening at a DCCC fundraiser in New York.

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But you know things are bad when even your friends say you’re being unreasonable. Such was the case when Bill O’Reilly began listing his own demands for upcoming debates.

“Here’s the first demand: Stop complaining!” O’Reilly yelled. “Come on! You guys are starting to sound like a bunch of Democrats out there.” Let’s be clear, however, no Democrat has ever demanded a green room with a spa ahead of the debates.

But then, O’Reilly had something to say to Donald Trump: “You gotta take it down to about a six, alright?” he said, despite being known for shouting at guests on his Fox News show. “If anybody gets to yell that loud on Fox News, it should be me!”

Later on in his sit-down with Fallon, O’Reilly said that he agreed CNBC moderators were a little brusk but “these guys have got to stop whining. If you think you’re being treated unfairly, you got a microphone. Let them have it.”

The next debate is next Tuesday on the Fox Business Channel. And so they’re prepping now for it. I think you’ll see a different presentation. But as we said in the opening stuff, these guys got to stop whining. I mean, they got – if you think you’re being treated unfairly, you got a microphone – let them have. Let them have it. That’s why Trump is ahead in the polls because he just says what he wants to say and he takes on all comers and the folks want to see what you’re made out of.

Bill O might be a terrible human being, but he’s not ignorant. If even he can see the petty and childish way the GOP is behaving, then the candidates have some real problems going into 2016.



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