Bill O’Reilly Tries To Stop Trump From Saying ‘A Lot’ Of Refugees ‘Are ISIS’ But Fails Miserably

Wednesday night Donald Trump made an appearance on The O’Reilly Factor and it didn’t go well for the presumptive Republican nominee. Host Bill O’Reilly tried to stop Trump from saying that “a lot” of Syrian refugees “are ISIS,” but he failed miserably

O’Reilly got straight to the point at the beginning of the interview and tried to get Trump to give some sort of clue as to how he planned on defeating ISIS. Trump argued that he has specifics in mind for how he would deal with the Islamic State but he refused to share what those plans might be on television. He then compared himself to General Patton and said that he wouldn’t share specifics on TV either.

Trump then jumped into an attack on Hillary Clinton and her handling of terrorism, insisting that she is responsible for ISIS. When he made the assertion that ISIS has grown stronger because of the presumptive Democratic nominee, O’Reilly quickly pointed out that this was bullshit. But Trump barely seemed to notice anything the Fox host said to him and continued barreling right along.

The interview actually went downhill from there. Towards the end, Trump began talking about Syrian refugees. O’Reilly tried in vain to stop the bigoted billionaire from making a total ass of himself yet again.

“We went through that already…” O’Reilly tried to butt in.

“A lot of these people are ISIS,” said Trump, refusing to be deterred.

“I’m not convinced of that but I think there needs to be a slow-down on that…” O’Reilly said.

Watch Trump’s latest disaster of an interview, here:

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