Bill Maher’s New Rule Is Actually His Birthday Wish–You Are Gonna Love It (VIDEO)

Bill Maher made a very specific request of his fans, a rare thing indeed from him, in the form of a Birthday wish. For the talk stars’ upcoming 60th birthday the only request he has is that his audience help him get President Obama on his show.Maher’s moving and strongly tongue in cheek request begins.

Maher’s moving and strongly tongue in cheek request begins:

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Mr. President, you have done everything but UFC and amateur porn…

Honestly, this is something that America needs to see. Epic, thy name would be with President Obama sharing the stage with Bill Maher. This is a win-win proposal for everyone, clearly, and Maher has started a petition on the site to compel the president to make it happen.

What are you waiting for? Click here to make this happen!



Feature image via screen capture

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