Bill Maher’s Hilarious Two-Minute Tribute To Fallen GOP Candidates Is Worth Every Second (VIDEO)

Last spring, before the number of people running for president from the GOP surpassed the players necessary to form a baseball team, political pundits started calling for what was billed at the time as a certainty: Hillary Clinton versus Jeb Bush for president. Hillary was up next with nobody seriously looking to contend with her and it was Jeb’s turn in the line of succession at Walker Point. That would have been all well and good, but man — it would have been boring compared to what we got.

On the Democratic side we got Bernie Sanders and an issues-driven race that brought progressive liberalism back to the big league with a vengeance. It looks like Clinton will be the nominee but make no mistake: her campaign and her platform were affected by the Senator from Vermont.

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On the Republican side we got a solid year of pure sideshow entertainment. We got more infighting, bickering and shouting than we get from reality TV. Then in the end we get…Reality TV. With Donald Trump emerging victorious there’s nothing left to do but make fun of the useless buffoons who couldn’t handle an obnoxious orange clown who hasn’t gone an hour without saying something stupid since he rode the escalator down to his coronation. From the beginning, Donald Trump has been an embarrassment and from the beginning, these a**holes let him get away with it and win. Bill Maher ran the perfect tribute to the ineptitude that was the GOP class of 2016:

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