Bill Maher’s Account Of Trump’s RNC Speech Might Be The Best We’ve Seen Yet (VIDEO)

After a long couple of days covering the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Bill Maher returned to his regular Friday Real Time show and tore Donald Trump’s acceptance speech to shreds! It could be the best account we’ve seen to date, and that’s saying a lot!

If you were watching the convention last night, you’re probably watching this now from your panic room!

Wow! Did you SEE Donald Trump’s speech? If that speech were any darker it would be shot by the police! It made me nostalgic for the light-hearted remarks of Rudy Giuliani!

Reminding us of Melania’s speech earlier in the week, Maher points out another possible plagiarism scandal:

Turns out Trump stole his speech too — from a Saw movie! Partly from a Saw movie and partly from Glenn Beck having a breakdown.

He goes on to recap for those who didn’t see it and says, “it’s morning in America where the walls are streaked with blood, we are a shining city on a hill where we will make our last stand against the zombies. And ISIS and illegal immigrants are coming to kill us all.”

He has much more to say and you should really see it. Watch the full video here:

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