Bill Maher: ‘We Should Absolutely Be Able To Compare Donald Trump To Hitler’ (VIDEO)

It seems like with every new Donald Trump rally there’s simultaneously another incident of people being thrown out of Trump rallies, sometimes violently. It’s one thing to have issues with a protester, but Trump’s people have taken to literally targeting people who are African American or any shade of non-white.

On Friday’s Real Time, Bill Maher quite simply went there and compared Trump to Hitler. “We were kidding about Hitler before, but there’s been this idea for a long time that you can’t ever compare anybody to Hitler. If you do that, you’re outside the marketplace of ideas. Unless it fits. I think we should absolutely be able to compare Donald Trump to Hitler,” he said as the footage continued to roll of people of color being attacked at Trump rallies.

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Comedian Sarah Silverman who is never one to shy away from making fun of people seemed almost speechless as the clips began, covering her mouth and saying simply, “Oh my God.”

Maher, who has come out in support of Bernie Sanders, gave props to Hillary Clinton for saying this week that we need more love and kindness in our society. “Yes! Thank you!” Maher exclaimed. “A woman saying the thing that makes me, even as a man go, ‘Yeah, that’s why a woman president would be different and good. Play the vagina card! Love and kindness a different way to go!'”

Maher said that in the past Clinton has played the “hawk” and he’s glad to see her playing the kindness card.

Congresswoman Donna Edwards (D-MD) said that Clinton has both sides and that it is important to convey that part of herself. “She may have to do the hawk thing on military stuff, that’s true. But, I mean, there’s a lot of the job that’s really about empathizing about people and demonstrating that you have walked in their shoes.”

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