Bill Maher Tells MSNBC To Stop Covering Trump’s ‘Rambling Brainfarts’ (VIDEO)

On Chris Matthew’s Hardball, comedian and Real Time host Bill Maher, discussed Donald Trump, and it wasn’t all that you might think it was.

Maher, who Trump had once threatened to sue over a joke that he wanted to see proof that Trump wasn’t the spawn of orangutans, admitted that he had respect for Trump (not surprising, since Maher’s schtick is to be ‘politically incorrect’) but that he has many disagreements with the former reality show star.

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Matthews questioned Trump’s popularity, to which Maher told him that he and MSNBC are partially responsible because they keep covering him.

“Why cover it, like he’s Churchill giving an important speech? Have you listened to these speeches? Trump is always saying other countries are laughing at us. This is why they’re laughing at us, because of what he says and how we are taking it seriously.”

He went on to say that as much as Trump brags that he doesn’t need a teleprompter, we should bring back the teleprompter to prevent Trump’s “brain fart, stream of conscious ramblings” and that Trump has breathed too much construction dust.

Here’s the video:

Featured image via MSNBC video screen capture

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