Bill Maher Suggests Hillary Embrace Haters’ Opinion And Become ‘Notorious H.R.C.’ (VIDEO)

After spending Wednesday and Thursday covering the Democratic National Convention, Bill Maher returned to his regular Friday night Real Time slot on HBO, where he concluded the show with his usual New Rules segment — only this one was far from “usual.”

Maher had some advice for Hillary and he could be on to something here if she wants to appeal to the type of voters who support Donald Trump.

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Voters don’t want America’s nicest grandma! They want the wolf that puts a grandma in its teeth! They want a ruthless Mafia boss who will protect their frightened souls, which is why Hillary has to own all the nasty things the haters say and run as the ‘Notorious H.R.C.’

His reasoning is that “try as he might” he cannot wrap his head around the Trump voter, but if Republican voters gravitate to that sort of thing, then maybe Hillary should be more like him. If Trump voters believe her to be “Crooked Hillary” then by god she should embody “Crooked Hillary!”

The next time they call her crooked Hillary, she should say, ‘Damn right I am — Crooked for America, Hillary!’

And she should end all campaign ads with, ‘I’m Crooked Hillary, and not only do I approve this message, I will cut a bitch!’

As ridiculous as all of this sounds, so is the logic of the average Trump supporter, so it could just work!

I don’t want to give it all away because it’s just too funny! Watch the full New Rules segment here:

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