Bill Maher Shreds Trump, Explains Why Conservatives CANNOT Blame Liberals For Trump (VIDEO)

Each and every week, political comics like myself and Bill Maher find a brand new opportunity to mock the five-alarm dumpster fire that is Donald Trump. His seemingly never-ending bullsh*t and outright outlandish antics are wonderfully ripe for parody.

During last night’s Real Time, Maher tore Trump and republicans to pieces and converted them into pulp in a most excellent rant.

When the Republican primary started nearly a year ago, 17 candidates put their name in the hat with the hopes that they would be heading into the general election this November.

For whatever reason, Trump has been able to walk off a series of never-ending controversies and dirty laundry to now become the presumptive Republican nominee. Obviously having the media fawning over every mouth fart he makes has made life incredibly easy, but Maher doesn’t play that.

Now Hillary surely has her problems and will have to do a lot of a$$ kissing to Bernie supporters, but the idea that she’s worse than Trump is ludicrous. Bill seems to think so as well after the question came up in the panel.

Trump is better than Hillary? Really? Does that stand up to scrutiny? Is Hillary really worse than cancer and dirt? If a child asked me about this election, I would say, ‘Well, it’s between a crazy person and a nice lady,’ said Maher

Maher then delivered New Rules, one of which featured Maher explaining why conservatives CANNOT blame liberals for Trump.

Watch the segment below:

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