Bill Maher Says Con Artist Donald Trump Is Inciting Violence With His Lies (VIDEO)

Donald Trump is nothing more than a con artist who is inciting violence and walking around like no one is fact-checking him. At least, that’s what Bill Maher and his guests said about the GOP front-runner on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Author Maria Konnikova joined Maher at the half-way mark of the show to discuss her latest book The Confidence Game. It perfectly summarized why she says Trump is nothing more than a con-artist. Maher said that when he saw Trump standing in front of all of his products nothing screamed “con artist” more. “The moment that they analyzed what his products actually were, they found out that they weren’t his products,” Konnikova said.

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She continued that the hallmark of a con-artist (and oddly enough a psychopath) is someone who willingly deceives you for his or her own end. Nothing could be more perfect for Trump. “He’s telling people exactly what they want to hear and he doesn’t actually say anything,” she continued.

The group also discussed the violence problem that is plaguing people of color at Trump rallies. Maher says that this violence is caused by lies. “There is a lot of anger there, but can we just get to what he says?” Maher asked rhetorically. “Because a lot of the reason why people are angry is because he lies — horribly, like they all do at the debates,” Maher said. “Nobody checks them on it. There’s that old saying, ‘Dance like no one’s watching.’ He lies like no one is fact-checking.”

“He spouts 20 lies a minute,” Huffington Post Senior Politics Editor Sam Stein said. “It becomes almost impossible to call him out on a single one,” Stein explained. “You end up trying to grab over here — and that’s not even getting to Trump Steaks, which are atrocious, and he says that they’re good.”

Author Monica Mehta says that it is more like embellishing or exaggerating. “He exaggerates wildly, but I can see clearly why,” she replied. “He’s trying to get attention and he’s trying to fund his campaign in a completely different way than everyone else.”

“That’s a lie itself — he claims he’s self-funded,” Stein said referencing over $7 million that Trump has raised from donors other than himself making up approximately 30 percent of his fundraising haul.

Konnikova remarked earlier that a true con artist doesn’t ask people for anything, rather he cons people into wanting to give it to them willingly. That’s what makes Trump the “artist” that he is.

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