Bill Maher On Why The GOP Can’t Stop Trump: He’s Their ‘Godzilla’ (VIDEO)

I ironically began calling Donald Trump “The Teflon Don” after his remarks about John McCain and American POWs had little to no negative effect on his popularity. Now it seems that may have been prescient; even after stepping on social landmine after social landmine, the loudmouth from lower Manhattan seems to be utterly unstoppable. A juggernaut in the polls, nothing the GOP can do will rein in this monster.

Comedian Bill Maher made this observation as well when he compared Donald Trump to Godzilla on his Friday show, noting that each one of the Teflon Don’s comments has bolstered him at the polls, propelling him to his current place in the crowded Republican field.

“He’s like Godzilla,” Maher said during his “Real Time” monologue. “Everything they throw at the monster makes him stronger.”

From “Mexican rapists to bloody what?” — A Trump Fairytale

Trump dove into the campaign with the rhetorical grace of a punch-drunk emu dancing to Swan Lake. He kick started his campaign by calling undocumented Mexican immigrants rapists, and it was downhill from there.

Whether it was his shots at John McCain because McCain was a POW — which turned the right-wing media, including Fox News, against John McCain — or his barely coherent performance at the “Family Leadership Summit” in Iowa, nothing seemed to weaken him, and Fox News worshiped the ground he walked on.

Well, sort of. Like most childhood romances, it was short lived.

As a result of the Big Boy Debate, Trump rather suddenly broke up with Fox News by delivering a nasty insult to host Megyn Kelly. Kelly is one of the few Fox News hosts that’s shown anything that sort of rhymes with “integrity,” so long as you squint and hold it sideways, and that’s what earned her the insult. The attack was beyond the pale, and it caused Eric Erickson to give Trump a rather curt termination of relationship notice.

Not that Trump cared, since that hasn’t worked, either, and Trump has only become stronger the more the Republicans push against him.

To the oligarchs running the Republican party, who for so long have secured their power by playing to the lowest common denominator, Donald Trump is quite literally the law of unintended consequences personified.

And there’s no way for the GOP to stop him.

Free helicopter rides

“He’s like Godzilla – everything they throw at the monster makes him stronger,” Bill Maher observed of Trump on Friday, during his “Real Time” monologue.

Maher also took a shot at Donald Trump’s reported plan to offer children free rides in his private helicopter during his appearance the Iowa State Fair, asking how the other 2016 candidates making their rounds at the even could even “compete with that?”

During his show, Maher also addressed Trump’s plan “to knock the hell out of” the Islamic State by cutting off its oil income, should that dark day arrive and Trump somehow get elected president.

“I would laugh, except his plan to defeat Fox News worked,” Maher said.

Time will tell whether his plan to destroy the Republican Party will work, too.

Watch Maher Below:


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