Bill Maher Just Destroyed The Trump ‘Character’ Defense (VIDEO)

Bill Maher with Van Jones, Lesley Stahl, and Charles Cooke just eviscerated the GOP fairy tale that the elderly Trump is in the process of changing his personality to become electable. He isn’t changing, but the Republicans and the media are — saving their party to spite America.

However, the message is very clear — we need to be very, very afraid of “Andrew Dice Trump,” because the Republicans and the Establishment need the White House, and they are not below manufacturing a metamorphosis from slug to Starling in the public eye.

The mainstream corporate media seems to have forgotten that they have already declared Trump unelectable, as the fact that he will be running against the Democratic nominee for president becomes more and more clear. These actual corporate shills are now going to be tasked with showcasing the newly minted “Presidential behavior” that Trump’s camp, and the GOP establishment, are now busily trying to make stick.

Of course, trying to keep him on script is challenging, as his behavior is already off script again. Sure it can happen, but anyone who believes this spoiled, rich, reality tv brat with decades of experience at getting what he wants, selling glitter and glitz made in China at exorbitant prices to Anyone who can afford it, will suddenly become presidential because he hires a new advisor and clicks his heels together three times is a fool.

The problem is that the media has already forgotten. They have already started fawning over moments of non-offensive behavior. It is like if Trump can go out in public and not sh*t on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial or belittle a minority or promise things he can’t deliver — he is totally ready for Rushmore. “The media” is owned by many of the same people (Rupert Murdoch, Jeff Bezos) who will do anything to keep a liberal out of the White House, because equality doesn’t make or keep them rich.

This quest to keep the Republican party, and all it stands for, in power is actually putting party over country, the Founding Fathers are spinning in their graves.

Watch this illuminating and dead on Bill Maher panel discussion, here:


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