Bill Maher Expertly Mocks Republicans And Their Version Of Christ: ‘Supply Side Jesus’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher’s “new rule” segment is one of the best five to ten minutes of monologue on television. Maher uses the segment to ridicule conserve stupidity in a way only Bill Maher can. In his most recent episode of Real Time, Maher takes on the Republican form of Jesus, “a small businessman from Galilee who wants to make Nazareth great again.”

Maher hits this one out of the park. By introducing the face of the young CEO who decided to price gouge cancer patients as the image of Republican “Supply Side Jesus,” Maher puts into perfect perspective exactly how conservatives have had to modify a man who hated greed and was all about healing the sick and feeding the hungry. Those traits don’t sit well with the neo-cons, who believe, as Maher put it, “If you give a wealthy man all the fish they will trickle down to those who need them.”

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Watch Bill Maher school Republicans on who Jesus really was.

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