Bill Maher Eviscerates GOP Voter Fraud: ‘Republicans F*cking Cheat’ (VIDEO)

Saturday on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Maher absolutely demolished Republican’s voter fraud tactics and cheating.

Maher never pulls punches, and his stance on the rampant voter fraud happening in this election is nothing less than a knockout. The Supreme Court, he reminds us, gutted the voting rights act in 2010 and it has lead to voter suppression of epic proportions by the GOP. Or, as Maher put it: “Republicans f*cking cheat.”

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This week, Wisconsin, long voting lines. I think that long voting lines are the new ‘Poll Tax.’ You know, it’s amazing, we saw it in Arizona a couple of weeks earlier, Maricopa County, … they cut the number of voting booths by 70 percent. Um, Republicans cheat, sorry Andy, but they can’t get the votes any more, so what they do is f*cking cheat. And this is cheating.  

Watch Bill Maher’s Real Time segment, here:


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