Bill Maher Drops Truthbomb On GOP: Liberal Polices Are Winning – ‘Scoreboard B*tches!’ (VIDEO)

Bill Maher closed Friday’s show by contrasting how the outcomes of liberal policies and conservative policies compare in reality.

He pointed out that in California, liberal ideas have resulted in the state thriving. In contrast, states where Republicans reign supreme, such as Kansas and Louisiana, aren’t doing so hot.

Scoreboard, bitches!” declared Maher.

According to Maher, California is booming. He said that if right-wingers truly consider states to be “laboratories of democracy,” they should take a good look around and realize that “our mice are thriving, yours are dead.”

Why is this the case? What could be responsible? Maher explains that it all comes down to one important choice: What happens when Democrats are put in charge, compared to the outcome when Republicans are in control.

We did all the stuff conservatives warned us would make things even worse,” he said, “but the sky didn’t fall!

You can watch Bill Maher discuss the “laboratories of democracy” below:

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Featured image via video screen capture

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