Bigot Donald Trump Opens Latest Poll With 21-Point Lead Over Rivals

Days after a study by the Morning Consultant showed polls may be underestimating the popularity of the Teflon Don, a new poll by CNN shows him with a 21-point lead over his rivals in the Republican Party.

The clown car rolls on

Once upon a time, comedian Bill Maher noted Donald Trump was the GOP’s “Godzilla;” he so effectively tapped into the racial and identity politics underscoring the modern GOP there was no way the GOP could stop him. He was the white resentment the GOP courted in the 1990s personified.

Trump’s remarks about deporting Muslims have only made him more popular with the sort of people who don’t belong in the United States. And while voice after voice has pointed out Trump only reinforces Daesh when he talks, those voices are drown out by the white entitlement complex rife in the GOP base.

The latest poll out of CNN has found Trump topped all the others with a full 39 percent support from GOP voters and Republican-leaning independents, neatly tying in with the Morning Consultant’s analysis suggesting 40 percent of GOP voters supported the Teflon Don, despite most polls bringing it in at around 30 percent.

Ted Cruz, the maniac preacher’s son and “anointed king for the End Times transfer of wealth” according to his batshit father, has surged into a clear second place, landing a full 18 percent of the vote.

In earlier polls, Trump was closer to his rivals — after the recent GOP debate, though, that seems to have changed. In the latest poll, Carson and Rubio are both at 10 percent, Chris Christie is at 5 percent, Rand Paul at 4 percent and Jeb Bush at 3 percent.

The reality of a Trump-Cruz 2016 ticket is looking pretty clear at this point, but it still too early to tell. There’s still around six weeks left before the first official nominating contests kick off in Iowa, and then the opening primary in New Hampshire.

Given liberals probably found themselves agreeing more with Paul and Bush during the last Republican debate than with Trump or Cruz, this just goes to show how radicalized the right-wing has become — and utterly unhinged from reality. Since a full 46 percent think the Republicans have a better chance of winning the White House with Trump running, despite a full half of the United States telling a recent Quinnipiac poll on Tuesday they would be embarrassed if Trump were voted president.

You know what? I don’t believe that. When given America’s historically dismal turn out for elections, and the number of people who are complaining that if Hillary wins the nod they aren’t voting, I’ll believe this if and when I see it next November.

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