Big New Poll Numbers From Bernie Just Came In, And Now It’s A Whole New Election

For a long time, there has been an air of inevitability about Hillary Clinton getting the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. Everyone wrote off Bernie Sanders, saying he’s too loud, too socialist, and some have also said that the idea of the first female president was something that couldn’t be overcome.

As recently as December 15th of 2015, Clinton had a very dominant position in the polls over Sanders at 51 percent versus 40 percent in Iowa. However, a recent round of new year polling showed that everything the “experts” were saying about the Democratic nomination in 2016 is flat out wrong.

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In approximately 3 weeks, the Democratic primary has gone from a “sure thing” for Hillary, to a “she can definitely lose this thing.”

New polling from January 12th, 2016 shows Bernie Sanders is now leading Hillary Clinton in Iowa 49 percent to 44 percent. It just got real folks.

The news is the same in New Hampshire, where Bernie leads Hillary 48.8 percent to 42.6 percent.

The only place that Hillary has kept her dominating lead has been in South Carolina, where she maintained a lead over Bernie of 66 percent to 26 percent, as of the latest 2015 polls.

On the heels of these huge new numbers for Sanders, comes the endorsement of one of the biggest Liberal advocacy groups – MoveOn said that Bernie Sanders came in at 78.6 percent support by its membership of approximately 350,000 members. Hillary came in at 14.6 percent and Martin O’Malley at 0.9 percent.

Illy Sheyman, executive director of Political Action had this to say:

MoveOn members are feeling the Bern. We will mobilize aggressively to add our collective people power to the growing movement behind the Sanders campaign, starting with a focus on voter turnout in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Source: AP

MoveOn stands in stark contrast to many organizations because they landed on the side of the person that the vast majority of their members supported. During the Democratic debates that people actually knew were on television, corporate media declared Hillary the unanimous victor even though almost every reader poll showed Bernie with a massive win.

February will be the month of revelation, starting with Iowa results on the first of the month. Will Bernie’s momentum carry him over the finish line first, or will Clinton retain the support of the party in the end?

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