Biden Sent This Touching But Hilarious Message To Obama For His Birthday, Shows Just How Close They Are

President Barack Obama turns 55 years old today, and of course, his awesome Vice President had to commemorate the occasion by reminding the world just how close they are. This gesture is truly thoughtful, and shows just what a special relationship the two men have. It’s a cute friendship bracelet with both of their names on it, that Obama made and gave to Biden. Biden tweeted a photo of the bracelet, and it is just adorable:

Isn’t that just precious? I’d be willing to bet Vice President Biden is wearing the bracelet in celebration of President Obama’s birthday. And the truth of the matter is that these two actually love one another; it isn’t an act at all. It’s all in the way they talk about each other. President Obama has said that he is “blessed” to be side by side with “extraordinary” Vice President Biden. Biden says of Obama that he has “never been with anyone who had more character.” To emphasize the depth of the friendship, these comments appeared in an article that called the friendship between the two men as a “bromance.”

Also, we all remember how Vice President Biden had President Obama deliver the eulogy for his son who lost a battle to cancer, and during that eulogy, President Obama vowed to work to end the suffering of those with cancer.

These two men really love each other, and it’s a beautiful thing. They are both an example to us all, and here’s to hoping they have a bit of time to celebrate today.

Happy Birthday, President Obama!

Featured image via Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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