‘BHO Is Clearly A Ho Mo’: Righties Freak Out Over Rainbow Colored White House (VIDEO)

Landmarks all over the country were ablaze with rainbow colors on Friday evening, in celebration of the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality. From sea to shining sea, bridges and buildings were lit in honor of the landmark decision. One of those buildings is the one that stands at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. — the White House.

Politico quotes a White House official, who says the lighting was done:

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to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to progress and equality, here in America and around the world. The pride colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community, and tonight, these colors celebrate a new chapter in the history of American civil rights.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that those wart covered little gnomes who come out of the woodwork to comment on right wing sites weren’t very happy about the White House’s temporary makeover?

Newsmax did a simple, straight report on the lighting. It was their readers who filled in the venom and hate.

Like the very first comment on the story, and the first reply.

Newsmax Comment 1

Or this one, where “VOR” responds with a comment that shows he’s a racist as well as a homophobe.

Newsmax Comment 2

Then there’s “treeman,” who apparently just fell out of one. He seems to think that Americans should actually be upset that countries like North Korea may be laughing at this.

Newsmax Comment 3

The stupid is strong with “jwebsmall,” who thinks that the president was in cahoots with the justices. He obviously doesn’t realize that the exterior of the White House is lit at night, and producing the rainbow was as simple as changing a few light bulbs.

Newsmax Comment 4

Breitbart wasn’t so even handed with their coverage. Their headline proclaims “OBAMA ADMIN FLAUNTS RAINBOW WHITE HOUSE AFTER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE RULING.” An updated headline says “UPDATE: The Obama administration has set up rainbow-colored lights to illuminate the real-life White House.”

The commenters are equally as dramatic. Poor “Mark22063” seems to have had a bad week.

Breitbart Comment 1

Rhonda Foster and “Tinman311” decided to cry to each other about how giving people equal rights is the end of America. Didn’t segregationists say the same sort of things?

Breitbart comment 2

Then there’s “rudbeckia,” whose name should be “rutabaga,” because he seems to be about as smart as a turnip. He thinks that marriage is all about making babies. Tell that to your 80-year-old grandmother who just got remarried.

Breitbart comment 3

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze took a similar tack to that of Newsmax, with a simple photo and a couple of quotes. The commenters take over from there.

“TheMasterKey” apparently missed the fact that there was no “light show.” The White House was illuminated in multi-colored lights instead of the usual white lights, that’s all.

Blaze Comment 1

“Makingout” is another who thinks the rainbow White House is “proof” that the president is gay. At least he/she didn’t go for the nonsense about Michelle being transgender.

Blaze Comment 2

“Ungroundable” is concerned about the cost of a few lightbulbs.

Blaze Comment 3

This person is upset about the lights on the White House. I wonder how he/she felt about that “Mission Accomplished” banner on the aircraft carrier?

Blaze Comment 4

It has been a tough week for the right. I guess they’re feeling hurt, abused, and put upon. Just like they have made gay Americans feel for years. How do you like it, now that it’s your turn, righties?

Here’s an awesome time lapse video of the rainbow lights beginning to glow as night falls on the White House, via NBC News:

Featured image via screen capture from NBC News

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