Bette Midler’s Brutally Honest Tweet Hammers The GOP’s Part In The PP Shooting Home (TWEET)

While the Republican party, its leaders and base of ignorant buffoons come up with perfectly acceptable (to them) reasons why the shootings in Colorado Springs on Friday have nothing to do with right-wing stupidity, the rest of us weep for America. We watch in astonishment as people seeking the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth ignore the fact that their own rhetoric is responsible for the creation of a shooter and the deaths of three people.

Bette Midler, who made waves earlier this month with a tweet aimed at Republican Caitlyn Jenner, took aim at the GOP as a whole in the wake of the Planned Parenthood shootings in Colorado Springs. It’s obvious that the GOP will simply turn their heads upward in an attempt to block the stench of their position from their own nostrils. The know full well that three people, one being an anti-choice policeman, are dead because of their “higher moral values.” That their need to put zygotes before people who have already paid their dues — grown brains and have lives — just took the most ironic turn for the worse imaginable.

The Divine Miss M’s tweet was incredibly honest and sad:

“Overheated screeds” the likes of which we’re hearing from people who will go so far as to deny the man was even AT Planned Parenthood. The lie that the shooting was a bank robbery gone bad has spread far and wide. The Republican presidential candidates tweeted about other things while it was happening. The entire thing is a nightmare for the GOP, yet they refuse to acknowledge it exists at all.

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