Bette Midler Sums Up Donald Trump’s Entire Existence With One Must-See Tweet (IMAGE)

Bette Midler has always been an outspoken woman. Her brilliance both on-screen and in the recording studio have made her a legend and she’s not afraid to use it to make her opinion known. Her attitude makes her a true diva, in the most beautiful and respectful sense of the word.

The Divine Miss M has officially weighed in several times this presidential election cycle, and it is clear that she is no fan of the Republican field of idiots. A recent tweet shows a disdain for bloviating meathead Donald Trump, however, that no other candidate has been able to elicit thus far:

If you’re unfamiliar, Slaughterhouse 90210 is a Tumblr that combines images with unrelated TV and movie quotes, creating a new context. It’s brilliantly managed by Maris Kreitzman, who just released her first book.

This particular little blurb from Joseph Heller’s “Catch-22” isn’t just the perfect representation of Donald Trump the presidential candidate, but Donald Trump the slimy human being as well. It covers every facet of his egomaniacal, narcissistic life. Leave it to Bette Midler to find something so perfect and use her influence to make it famous.

Famous is exactly what it should be. “Vice into virtue and slander into truth” describes The Donald’s need to continuously build a pseudo-empire that in the grand scheme of things is a failure compared to what he would be worth had he put his inheritance into low-risk investments. His “truth” doesn’t even qualify as slander, it’s just simply pure fiction.

“It required no brains at all; it required no character” IS Donald Trump. He’s not some brilliant genius who made himself wealthy through hard work and dedication. He’s a privileged, entitled brat with four bankruptcies under his company belt. He’s a bully and a hypocrite. His political views only exist because they have been tailor-made to pander to the dumbest people in America.

Kudos to Maris Kreitzman for pointing it out so brilliantly and for Bette Midler for bringing it to the national spotlight,

Featured image from Twitter

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