BET ROASTS Stacey Dash For Saying The Network Should Be Taken Off Air (TWEETS)

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Stacey Dash made some really, really stupid comments about the Oscars, segragation and BET. Shortly after Dash’s dumbass comments, BET put the “Clueless” star on blast and it was hilarious.

The comment that got Dash in trouble with the television network was:

I think it’s ludicrous. We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation, then we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the [NAACP] Image Awards, where you’re only awarded it you’re black. If it were the other way around, we would be up in arms, it’s a double standard… there shouldn’t be a black history month. We’re Americans. Period.

That’s right, this foolish woman doesn’t understand why it is necessary to have Black History Month or awards shows that honor many of the actors, actresses and artists who are not recognized by mainstream awards shows. When BET heard about the comments, they began tweeting the actress:

#bet tweeted a response to #staceydash then deleted it

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Not only did BET slam the actress, so did other Twitter users:

And then Instagram got involved…

#davechappelle #staceydash #FUNNYVIDEOS #funnyvideo #blacklivesmatter #kkk #racist

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Yooo. #staceydash

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Lmao #elchapo #staceydash #cooneryatitsfinest

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I have a sneaking suspicion that Stacey Dash will no longer be welcome on BET…. or any other African-American publication.

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