Best VP Debate EVER: Remember When Joe Biden OWNED Paul Ryan? (VIDEO)

With the primary season in full-swing, it made us look back fondly at the 2012 election and remember that time Vice President Joe Biden absolutely destroyed new Speaker of the House (then VP candidate) on live television.

Paul Ryan went into the debate thinking he was going to defeat Biden with bullshit talking points and Tea Party nonsense — he was sadly mistaken. From the onset, Vice President Biden had the upper hand and no matter how many times Ryan tried to lie his way to victory, Biden was right there to slap him back down.

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At one point, Ryan tried to BENGHAZI! the VP and it didn’t end well:

With all due respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey. Not a single thing he said is accurate,” Biden said, proceeding to blast Ryan for having “cut embassy security in his budget.

It was a great night and looking back on it, it makes us sad that we won’t see Biden troll Trump or Cruz’s pick with his beautiful smirk and quick wit.

Take a stroll down memory lane:

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