Berniementum: Sanders Draws Overflow Crowds In N.H.; Media Ignores Him

Bernie Sanders paid a visit to Keene, New Hampshire, over the weekend with an overflow crowd at the Keene Recreation Center. He wowed the young crowd with his ideas to make college tuition free — education would be a right, not a privilege.

He also addressed income inequality, climate change and getting big money out of politics. Bernie began his speech by saying:

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We are going to do something unusual here today. We are going to practice democracy. We need to hold thousands of meetings like this all over the country.

Calling on his supporters, once again, he reiterated:

The only way we win and transform America is when millions of people stand up as you’re doing today and say. ‘Enough is enough. This country belongs to all of us and not a handful of billionaires.

Throughout his campaign he reiterates that he doesn’t have a super PAC and he doesn’t want a super PAC, that he doesn’t represent large corporations and he doesn’t want their money. These are bold statements that you just don’t hear on the campaign trail.

You likely won’t hear about it in the mainstream media either. When it comes to Bernie Sanders, there seems to be something of a media blackout, that they aren’t taking him seriously. But that’s not stopping Bernie from drawing overflow crowds everywhere he goes. Nor is it stopping him from surging in the polls, coming within 8 points of Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin.

When interviewed by Katie Couric on Yahoo News, she points out that Bernie is gaining momentum and closing the gap between he and Hillary Clinton while drawing much larger crowds than candidate Martin O’Malley; calling it “Berniementum.”

Couric points out that his polling numbers have doubled and that he is really surprising people. Bernie’s response:

They may be [surprised]. I’m not.

When Couric asked if he would be interested in being Hillary’s VP, Bernie felt that the more pertinent question should be:

 Would she be interested in being my Vice President?

As David Knowles from Bloomberg says, “The underdog is starting to bark.” Sanders told an overflow crowd of over 1000 people in New Hampshire last Saturday:

Let me tell you a secret: we’re going to win New Hampshire!

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