Bernie Tweeted Something So Awesome Hillary Had No Choice But To Retweet It (TWEETS)

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have had some fairly heated debates. While they don’t nearly compare to the hostility of the now infamous “Jerry Springer Style” the GOP debates have brought to politics, they do tend to get harsh at times and include some downright ruthlessness at others. That’s politics for you, though, and win, lose or draw, our Democratic candidates aren’t in this for God or good reality TV. They’re in it to continue moving our country in the direction of things like logic and science.

Social media has taken on a role as another way to get to know a candidate more personally. There’s something about hearing a thought directly from a candidate than from an official account with a spokesman. That makes Twitter a preferred medium for politics. Candidates hop out into the Twitterverse and you never know who they’ll interact with or what will catch their eye.

In this wonderful example, Hillary Clinton decided that she really liked something Senator Sanders Tweeted, so she retweeted it, starting the kind of buzz that makes a thing go viral:

Okay, so first of all, bravo, Senator Sanders. What exactly does that do to our image as a country? If Donald Trump is elected, the office of the President of the United States becomes an ineffective joke. Congress will need to act to remove the real power from the President before Kanye 2020 happens.

Secretary Clinton wholeheartedly agreed, retweeting her rival’s thoughts for her followers to see:

The Clinton campaign quickly retweeted the Sanders tweet.

The Clinton campaign didn’t comment, but really, do they need to? It’s pretty clear what the message was, and the left is certainly united enough to agree: Screw you, Donald Trump. You’re a racist.

Trump, well-known for his late night rants hasn’t responded yet, but we’re expecting some authentic cracks about how old the Democratic candidates look as opposed to that thing on his head. Hopefully, Trump’s narcissism won’t be able to resist and we can get some banter going at the Republican favorite from the intelligent side of the room.

Featured image via file screen capture

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