Bernie Tears Hillary’s Campaign A New One For Firing The First Negative Shots Of Primary

The Democratic primary to this point has been fairly peaceful, with the major players refusing to go on the attack against each other, instead focusing any negative energy towards the Republican field. From the onset of their campaigns, Hillary Clinton seemed content to walk her line as the likely nominee while Sanders put his nose to the grindstone, earning his support from the grassroots underdog position.

With the Republican primary filled with clowns like Donald Trump, Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz and obligatory establishment candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker, there has been more than enough ammunition available for both camps to find sound bytes and keep out of each other’s way.

That silent truce came crashing down Monday as Hillary’s Super PAC, Correct the Record, apparently attacked Sanders in the same manner a Republican might, claiming he would be friendly with Middle Eastern terrorist regimes and linking him to deceased communist Hugo Chavez.

Some would say this isn’t Clinton herself but the PAC sending out these messages, and that the campaign isn’t allowed to communicate with the PAC. Unfortunately, while Clinton fights for campaign reform on the outside, her PAC has found loopholes in internet communications language of the laws that allow Correct the Record to be an active part of her campaign. The PAC is run by one of her chief strategists, David Brock.

Sanders fired back in an email Tuesday, assuring supporters that he wasn’t going to just stand around and allow the Clinton camp to attack him with baseless accusations:

Yesterday, one of Hillary Clinton’s most prominent Super PACs attacked our campaign pretty viciously.
They suggested I’d be friendly with Middle East terrorist organizations, and even tried to link me to a dead communist dictator. It was the kind of onslaught I expected to see from the Koch Brothers or Sheldon Adelson, and it’s the second time a billionaire Super PAC has tried to stop the momentum of the political revolution we’re building together.

The revolution Sanders speaks to the phenomenon that is his campaign. Without any major corporate donors or Super PACs, Sanders has managed to build a movement that has him leading in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire. With average donations in the double digits, Sanders has captured the political dreams of the left and put them in a platform that in the very least will partially shape the political landscape of the next election.

His email was very blunt and to the point. He won’t be pushed around. He won’t be thrown under the bus, and he won’t keep quiet. In what is already a hostile political climate for former Secretary Clinton, dwindling poll numbers means she will have to fight this battle on two fronts. While the Republicans continue to bash her over emails and Benghazi, Sanders continues to gain momentum.

While it is still far too early to plausibly predict the outcome of the Democratic primary, it’s pretty safe to say that the Clinton campaign is seeing shadows cast in 2008 by a relatively unknown senator from Illinois, and they are frightened.

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