Bernie Sanders Wins The GOP Debate With A Single Email (IMAGE)

As the GOP slowly destroyed itself Tuesday during the debate, at least one candidate managed to rise above the chaos: with a single email, Bernie Sanders proved he still has political positions superior to anyone who stood on the stage — not that it’s a particularly high bar to aim for.

Another Endless War

The central theme of the Republican Debate on Tuesday was the same one that the conservative party has run on for the last 8 years: Fear. Fear the immigrants; build a wall. Fear the terrorists; expand national security. Fear everyone who isn’t exactly like you.

Of course, not everyone on stage agreed with how precisely they should go about running around like chickens with their heads cut off. This led to some interesting moments that showed the very visible breaks in the GOP: Rubio versus Paul, Bush versus Trump, Christie versus Putin (I thought the GOP liked Putin?)

That we need boots on the ground was the one consistent position, taken by nearly everyone.

I say nearly everyone because the American public profoundly disagrees, and once again joining the American public in popular opinion is Bernie Sanders, who decided to use the chaos of the Republican debate to get in a few solid digs and remind America that these people are lunatics. He even managed to drop a fundraiser link and pick up a few bucks for his small-donor campaign.

The email sent out by Sanders’s campaign said:

Dear Bernie Supporter —

If you’re watching tonight’s Republican presidential debate, you’ve heard a lot of talk about “carpet bombing” cities, sending men and women into another endless war, and completely closing our borders to women and children who have lost everything but the shirts on their backs.

In short, it was a debate designed to scare you into voting for candidates who want you to forget what this election is about.

For the Republicans, fear is all this election is about. Nothing else matters because that’s the only way to justify half of what was said on Tuesday. And as for the other half? Well, liars will be liars.

Feature image via Wikimedia Commons

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