Bernie Sanders Visits Colbert, DESTROYS Claims That He Is ‘Like Trump’ (VIDEO)

One day after his New Hampshire primary win, Bernie Sanders stopped by The Late Show to talk to Stephen Colbert about his victory. The two discussed several of the important issues in the current election cycle — affordable college and  universal health care being chief among them. But Sanders bristled a bit when Colbert brought up how some are comparing his campaign to that of Donald Trump. And with one eloquent comment the Vermont senator put to rest the suggestion that he and Trump have similar visions for America.

On Monday’s Late Show, Fox News’s bloviating gasbag, Bill O’Reilly told Colbert that Sanders and Trump are “the same guy.” O’Reilly said,

Trump hit history at the right time, because people are angry. Trump and Sanders are really the same guy. They just change their facial expressions…

Trump and Sanders are the same guy because they’re both tapping into the anger of the voter, who feels they’re getting hosed.

O’Reilly is partially right. Both of the candidates are addressing issues that have many voters concerned and angry. But the comparison begins and ends right there. Looking at the candidates side by side on, it is plain that Trump and Sanders are anything but “the same guy.” In fact, they’re pretty much direct opposites of one another, on the major issues as well as in other ways.

When Colbert asks Sanders to respond to O’Reilly’s comment, Bernie points out that he believes people have a right to be angry. Then he ticks off several things that he thinks they have a right to be angry about. And he concludes with this:

People have a right to be angry. But what we need to be is rational in figuring out how we address the problems, and not simply scapegoating minorities.

Yeah, Sanders and Trump are “the same person,” Bill-O. About as much as Gandhi and Pol Pot were.

Here’s video of Bernie and Colbert, via YouTube:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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