Bernie Sanders Tells Stephen Colbert He’s NOT Dropping Out Of The Race (VIDEO)

During his speech on June 22, Sanders told the crowd that “it doesn’t appear that I’m going to be the nominee,” which of course left his supporters stunned and wondering whether or not Sanders planned to continue with his campaign.

Bernie appeared on Thursday night’s Late Show — The show was taped before Sanders was scheduled to give a speech in New York entitled, Where Do We Go From Here. Colbert pressed Sanders for some details of the speech and asked if he was going to continue with the race:

Absolutely,” Sanders replied.

“Are you still a candidate?”


“Are you going to drop out of the race?”


Colbert then asked if Sanders had plans to endorse Hillary Clinton that evening and Bernie chuckled and said, “No,” but that “Secretary Clinton and I agree Trump has got to be defeated.”

Sanders went on to tell Colbert that while he’s well aware that he doesn’t have as many delegates as Clinton and that a nomination may be unlikely, “what we’re doing now is marshaling our resources” to make sure that “we defeat Donald Trump and we defeat him badly.”

When Colbert asked how Bernie wanted his supporters to vote:

My supporters are smart enough to know that we do NOT want a bigot to become the President of the United States!

In other words, no matter who the Democratic nominee is, Sanders wants his supporters to vote BLUE this November.

Watch the interview here:

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