Bernie Sanders Slams GOPs Stupid Obsession Over Bill Clinton’s Sex Life (VIDEO)

Since Republicans are the party that totally doesn’t have a war on women, they decided to prove this by turning their entire primary process into a chorus of blaming a woman for the extra-marital affair that her husband had over a decade and a half ago.

War on women? The hell you say!

That’s right. Republicans feel that the most pressing issue facing all of America in 2016 and the age of ISIS is what Bill Clinton did with his penis over a decade ago.

CNN decided to ask Bernie Sanders what he thought about the new and strange Republican obsession with the history of Bill’s man-bits. The answer from the “real issues candidate” was brilliant.

Watch Bernie’s reaction to the new batch of the same old sh*t by Republicans below:

The sexism of the Republican party is absolutely unbelievable. They’re blaming Hillary for what Bill chose to do. It’s amazing for a party, which insists it doesn’t hate women, to blame women openly for the things their husbands do without their knowledge. Personally, I am waiting to hear how this sudden new obsession with Bill Clinton will create jobs and defeat ISIS.

Featured image via video screen capture

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