Bernie Sanders Refuses To Take ‘Pharma Douche’ Martin Shkreli’s Campaign Donation

Martin Shkreli is the most hated man in the country. As you may recall, he raised a drug that’s used by HIV and AIDS patients and others with compromised immune systems by more than 5000 percent. He has since said he’d lower the price, but he hasn’t.

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He also made news recently for wanting to debate Bernie Sanders on healthcare in America, claiming that Sanders, who has been promoting universal healthcare for years, doesn’t understand healthcare.

One of his critics was Bernie Sanders, who, along with Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) contacted the CEO wanting financial information. Shkreli had claimed that he wouldn’t profit without such a huge increase, and Sanders wanted proof. Instead of abiding and handing over the records, Shkreli went on the defensive.

Then, Shkreli’s went on the offense with Sanders, saying that Sanders doesn’t understand healthcare and he challenged to Senator and presidential candidate to a debate.

To help seal the deal, Shkreli donated to Bernie Sanders and Sanders swiftly rejected the donation. Ironically, Shkreli is actually a true supporter of Sanders.

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About the donation, Sanders says he’s giving the money to a Washington health clinic and there’s no debate in the future or even a meeting.

In an interview with Stat on Thursday, however, Shkreli confirmed that he’d donated $2,700 to the Sanders campaign — the maximum individual contribution — on Sept. 28.

On Thursday, however, campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said Sanders won’t keep the money. Instead, the campaign will make a $2,700 donation to the Whitman-Walker health clinic in Washington.

“We are not keeping the money from this poster boy for drug company greed,” Briggs said.

Shkreli is “furious.” He claims that Sanders is using him as a punching bag and that he wants to be able to give his side for making life saving drugs unaffordable (that part’s mine).

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He continues to claim that he needs to charge that much so his company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, can do research and development. Of course, patients shouldn’t have to pay for other people’s drugs. Instead, he accuses the Senator of “talking out his rear end.” Now he’s pledging his vote to Jeb Bush, who he calls “reasonable.” The only thing that it’s possible to agree with Shkreli on is that he called Donald Trump “a spoiled brat.” I guess it takes one to know one.


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