Watch: Bernie Sanders Proves You’re Never Too Old To Go Trick Or Treatin’ (VIDEO)

Proving he’s truly a man of the people (and little people), Senator Sanders surprised and elated many residents of New Hampshire when he went trick-or-treating this past Halloween.

The  2016 Democratic Candidate took his grandchildren trick-or-treating in Lebanon, New Hampshire, on Saturday night and it was freaking awesome. I know what you’re thinking and no, Bernie didn’t go dressed as a Wall Street billionaire.

Bernie, who has three lovely grandchildren, shocked many residents (and potential primary voters) in the cozy town when he showed up at their doors. Of course it’s only a matter of time before Fox News said that he was there to expropriate all their candy and decorations. They’ll probably also claim that Bernie was actually stealing all the candy from productive kids to redistribute to all the lazy takers.

But seriously, it was truly a heart warming moment to see even more humility and authenticity from a man who’s brimming with it. One women even showed off her Bernie Bear — a stuffed toy bear with Sanders’ frazzled white hair — from the Vermont Teddy Bear company. Another woman asked, “You want candy? Probably not.” To which Bernie happily replied,“Of course I do!”

Watch Bernie go trick or treatin’ below:



Featured image via screen capture 

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