Bernie Sanders’ New Commercial For Iowa Is A Powerhouse Of Hope (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders has had his work cut out for him since the beginning, in fact, many thought that he would never be a serious contender for the Democratic nomination, but his consistency over the last several decades has served him well in gaining on the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton. Sanders’ message has helped him to achieve a previously impossible dream, an 8 point lead over Clinton in Iowa, a critical early State, just weeks before the caucus.

Bernie Sanders’ message of hope, inclusiveness, and prosperity is something we are not used to in a politician. His campaign, this new ad shows, is about the people who are supporting him as it always has been. It is about America; not the rich, not the poor, not the opulence of Wall Street or the slums of Martin Luther King Boulevards, it is not about Brown Americans, White Americans, LGBT, Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, but about the aggregate total of all of us — our melting pot and our American Dream — the sum more than any of its parts.

Bernie’s plan is an achievable goal, not a dream, of restoring the middle class, giving Americans a competitive education and world-class healthcare, and his record of actually getting things done in Congress is second to none in the Democratic field.

Watch the newest ad, that accompanies Bernies’ confidence boosting 8 point lead in Iowa:

According to NYT writer

The ad also brings his candidacy “full circle.” The opening image in his first campaign ad (below) was the Statue of Liberty. Now, with visual evidence that his message has taken hold, his campaign delivers a love song to “America.”

Watch his first campaign ad here:

Feature image via screen capture

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