Bernie Sanders Made A ‘YUUUUGE’ Surprise Appearance on Colbert Last Night (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert had his first ever “mystery guest” last night, and it turned out to be none other than Bernie Sanders. Showing up mid-way through the “Wheel of News” skit, Bernie made a surprise appearance to a delighted and cheering crowd.

Bernie started off by talking a bit of policy for Stephen, regarding superdelegates in the Democratic primary and how he plans to attract more of them to secure the nomination, but as you might expect it quickly took a comical turn. Bernie started criticizing Stephen for the working conditions of one of his employees that were on stage with them at the time, in the theme of sticking up for “regular workers” that Bernie is known so well for.

Hey! There is a human being down here. What is going on. What are you doing to this worker? What kind of operation are you running, Stephen?

Watch the full skit below:

Featured image via video screen capture

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