Bernie Sanders Just Called Trump Out For Being ‘Afraid’ To Debate Him, And It Was Awesome!

Donald Trump has gone back and forth on whether or not he would face Bernie Sanders in a debate before the California primary. At the moment, Trump says that he won’t take part in the debate and that was only joking when he said he would. On Friday, Sanders called Trump out for being too “afraid” to face him on the debate stage, and it was awesome!

Sanders first said that he hopes Trump would change his mind (again) and agree to hold the debate for charity.

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Well, I hope that he changes his mind again,” Sanders told reporters. “Mr. Trump has been known to change his mind many times in a day.

Then, Bernie called Trump out for being both a bully and a coward.

Trump goes around, he’s a bully. He’s a big tough guy. Well, Mr. Trump, what are you afraid of?

Hopefully, Trump will change his mind and we will all get to see Bernie crush him in a debate. Watching Trump, who is nothing more than a KKK-backed con man, get Berned would certainly make my day.

Watch Bernie double dog dare Trump to debate him here:

Featured image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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