Bernie Sanders Holds 10-Point Lead Over Clinton In New Poll (IMAGE)

Sanders cements his lead over Clinton in early-voting states

Earlier this week, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders gained ground in Iowa, leading Hillary Clinton by just one point according to Quinnipiac University, but a new poll released today shows that Sanders is going strong in Iowa with a double-digit lead.

The poll, conducted by YouGov/CBS, shows that Sanders has surpassed Clinton by double digits. Sanders is leading our former Secretary of State 43 percent to 33 percent. In New Hampshire, the new poll shows Sanders is leading Clinton 52 percent to 30 percent. That’s a major reversal compared to earlier this year.

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It seems like the more Sanders campaigns, the more well-received he is.

Earlier this year, in Iowa, Clinton was the strong Democratic front-runner, receiving 61 percent support while Sanders held a measly five percent. Sanders has gained some major ground in two early voting states that very few thought possible.

South Carolina, also an early voting state, is a different story, Clinton is very well-received there holding a strong lead over Sanders  with 46 percent to the Vermont Senator’s 23 percent.

In all states Biden polls third; the current Vice President hasn’t announced a presidential run yet. Many are speculating if Clinton gets into too much trouble the Democrats will run him as a backup plan to keep an establishment candidate in the race.

As for the Republican race, the new poll shows Donald Trump is still in the lead — by a lot. <groan> Dr. Ben Carson is second in the poll and Jeb is third.

Trump is absolutely dominating the race. In Iowa, the real estate mogul has 29 percent support, New Hampshire he boasts a whopping 40 percent and in South Carolina he has 36 percent of the vote. Republicans seem determined to stick us with a candidate who is astonishingly more stupid than George W. Bush. Trump’s tactic of attacking his fellow candidates is working well for him, and he seems to have tapped into negativity that Fox News viewers relish. That — and Republicans seem to think a man who has bankrupted several businesses has enough business sense to run the country.

It would be an interesting race if the Presidential race came down to two anti-establishment candidates Sanders and Trump.

In one corner, we would have a man who has no political experience other than buying politicians. A man who flies a private jet from campaign event to campaign event and lives an extravagant, privileged life. A man who makes Idiocracy look like a documentary.

And in the other corner would be a man who has decades of experience in politics. A long time activist for disenfranchised people, a man who wants to take on the greed and corruption that dominates the decisions political players make. Whereas Trump is solely business-focused, Sanders will focus not only on the economy but equality, climate change and diplomacy and not war with other nations. His economic plan makes sense, but the word “socialist” scares people.

Only time will tell if that’s a race we’ll get to see, but personally I would love to see the nice, brainy kid take on the loud-mouth bully on the playground, and win of course. It would truly change the face of politics for generations to come.

Note: If You Only News as an organization does not endorse any candidate for president.

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