Bernie Sanders ‘Dances’ To ‘Hotline Bling’ And It Is EPIC (VIDEO)

A few weeks ago, Bernie Sanders, in an attempt to lighten up the presidential race, hit the Ellen DeGeneres show and during his intro, in true Ellen tradition, he danced his way to the stage. He was stiff, but not half bad for a man who spends a lot more time advocating for the poor and middle class than he does on a dance floor.

His appearance, where he had to answer personal questions in exchange for Ellen donating $1,000 to charity for each question, earned breast cancer research $10,000. See, Bernie can’t stop thinking of others, even when he’s on the talk show circuit.

That, apparently, wasn’t enough for Ellen, who featured Bernie in his own dance video. Yes, it’s photoshopped and all kinds of other edited, but it’s hilarious with a twist of disturbing.

Watch and enjoy:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture. 

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