Bernie Sanders Criticizes Media, Says Nobody Cares About Hillary’s Emails

When things in Washington get too unbearably insane and corrupt to stomach, Senator Bernie Sanders is always there with a big fat reality check. Sure — he may look like you’re crazy grandpa and sound like Woody Allen on cocaine, but the man is almost always on point and a welcomed voice amid a sea of compromised Koch suckers.

Sen. Bernie Sanders recently informed the media that their unusual obsession with Hillary Clinton’s emails is really not something Americans care much about. In fact, a recent Gallup Poll shows that the email non-troversy has had very little affect on Americans’ opinions of Hillary.


On the other hand, Americans were so disgusted with the treasonous letter to Iran by 47 Republican Senators that the hashtag #47Traitors was born.

Here’s what Senator Sanders told Politico:

‘Why am I asked about Hillary Clinton every other day, about her emails?’ he asks. ‘Do you know what — I can’t swear to you on this — last I checked, here in Washington, do you know how many calls I got from Vermont on Hillary Clinton’s emails? Zero. Yet I can’t walk down the hallways here without hearing about Hillary Clinton’s emails.’

Bernie, having the audacity to think we actually have a media beholden to getting the truth and holding politicians accountable on legitimate policy decisions, then poised a series of questions that should’ve been poised to Hillary.

‘What are her proposals to rebuild a disappearing middle class and to deal with the very high levels of poverty?’ he asks. ‘What are her proposals to create millions of decent-paying jobs in this country? What are her proposals to create a foreign policy that does everything it can to prevent us from getting into another disastrous war? What are her proposals to deal with the greed and recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street?’

Once again, Bernie is totally on target. Since Hillary (or Billary) is inevitable, given a complete and utter lack of viable Democratic candidates, we should be questioning some of her cozy Wall-Street-friendly and neocon policies.

H/T: PoliticUsUsa|Featured Image: via Michael Hayne

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