Congressman Of The Year For 2015 Named By VFW (VIDEO/Op-Ed)

I would spoil the announcement in the title line, but really, we all should have known. A man such as this truly deserves such awards, but why isn’t this headline news? Well, there are many reasons being supplied by many outlets, his Socialist affiliation, his lack of Big Money backing, his weird hair. The fact is that he is drawing bigger crowds than Hillary Clinton, and has a stronger, actually Liberal track record.

In my personal opinion, Bernie Sanders stands for Americans, from informed, chosen, conception to dignified end of life. He doesn’t balk at caring for the children that pro-lifers claim to see as such miracles until they are born and need food, nor the pregnant women they seem to label “breeding vessels” without choice.

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Unlike many on the left, and most on the right, he also doesn’t balk at caring for our soldiers after they sacrifice for their country. As recently as last year Bernie pushed a huge bill to care for Veterans, but as we know there is a bottle neck caused by the refusal of nearly the entire Right wing to allow any forward motion under this president.

The man who marched with Martin Luther King and won’t compromise his values for money has finally come to run for POTUS: Are we ready for a genuinely for the people politician? Are we ready for a record that can be relied on?

Apparently the VFW isn’t shy about giving credit where credit is due, even if some Americans aren’t quite ready for Bernie Sanders.

Just remember folks, nearly 8 years ago the world was sure that Americans weren’t grown up enough to elect a man to office because of the color of his skin – thank everything worth thanking they were wrong.

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Featured image from Bernie Sanders Senate Page

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