Bernie Sanders Calls Out Trump’s Manipulation Of Working Class Voters, Trump Freaks Out

It’s no state secret that Republicans have made a cottage industry of  convincing working class voters to vote against their economic self-interests. Ever since President Nixon first hoodwinked working-class voters with his silent majority election strategy, campaigning Republicans have cynically attacked low-information voters emotions with racial and social wedge issues. They also manage to convince coal miners that they too can somehow become millionaires, if only they give billionaires more tax cuts.

But Bernie Sanders, a true champion of the middle-class and only honest politician left, is not taking their lying crap anymore. Hence, he recently called out Trump for engaging in this type of trickery.

On Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Bernie was asked if his message would resonate with Donald Trump’s supporters. His response was what we’ve come to expect from Bernie: sharp and honest.

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Many of Trump’s supporters are working-class people. And they’re angry. And they’re angry because they’re working longer hours for lower wages, they’re angry because their jobs have left this country and gone to China or other low-wage countries. They’re angry because they can’t afford to send their kids to college, they can’t retire with dignity. And I think what Trump has done successfully is take that anger, take that anxiety, about terrorism and say to a lot of people in this country, ‘Look, the reason for our problems is because of Mexicans,’ and he says they’re all criminals and rapists, we gotta hate Mexicans.

Nicely put, Senator! Now if only we can convince these people they’re being used as political props.

Naturally, these comments didn’t sit very well with the b*tchy orange and 2016 GOP frontrunner. Donald did what he always does and took to Twitter like an angry mean girl.

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Oh, Donald–when will you learn that we have this crazy new thing called Google and can readily access previously said comments.

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