Bernie Sanders Beating Hillary Clinton 44%-37% In Latest New Hampshire Poll (VIDEO)

Just one day after announced the Sanders Surge to be “over”, a new Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald Poll puts Sanders at a considerable new lead of 44%-37%.

In April of this year, Sanders was behind Clinton by 13%-51%. This huge turnaround has happened in the face of a practical media blackout on him, multiple pundits and mainstream media sources writing his campaign off as a pipe dream, or it being simply a gimmick to push Hillary Clinton more to the Left. However, this latest poll shows Sanders can actually win the nomination.

Recently, Sanders has been drawing absolutely gargantuan crowds in venues such as Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. Clinton has opted for smaller, tightly controlled meet and greets that cost about 2500 dollars a person to attend. This difference has also drawn criticism of Clinton from some sources for being too “detached” from average middle-class people who simply cannot afford to attend her events.

Bernie Sanders can win this…seriously.

After all of the writing off of Bernie Sanders for the past few months by the Mainstream Media, and the massively imbalanced campaign donation totals between Sanders  and Clinton, these recent results, along with the overflow crowds being drawn by him, show that Sanders can definitely be a strong contender to the Clinton Campaign.

Sanders also recently released a very strong racial justice platform on his official campaign website, which Clinton has yet to match with her own.

Further polling of Clinton has shown that although she carries generally a greater than 50% favorable rating among likely democratic voters, they are coming in in the mid 30’s if they’re “very” excited or have a “very” favorable impression of her.

This could be an indication of a slowing or eventual stalling of a committed voter base for Clinton at a time when the Republican debates are happening, and progressive and independent voters are looking for a better alternative. Sanders is positioning himself well to be that alternative with the massive crowds he is gathering in an enthusiastic liberal TRUE grassroots campaign.

Watch a video about Sanders’ soaring popularity, courtesy of wochit News, below:

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