‘Bernie Math’ Is Taking The Internet By Storm (VIDEO)

“Bernie math” has people across the internet baffled, because unlike regular math, it fails to make any sense no matter how smart you are. As A Sanders supporter, it became pretty evident after New York that Secretary Clinton will most likely get the nomination, at which time I will fully support her in the general election. I think Bernie Sanders is just what America needs, but unfortunately, America doesn’t seem ready.

I was able to come to that conclusion because of math and the astronomical lead Clinton has on Sanders. It’s insurmountable. Sanders is going to stay in this thing right to the convention because if nothing else, the Democratic Socialist from Vermont has given us all the exact kind of hope you might expect from someone as amazing as Bernie Sanders.

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So now it’s time to do away with the bitterness, admit that “Bernie or Bust” is a dumb idea that serves only to hand all three branches of government to conservatives and get behind a massive push for people down ballot voting blue. We need more than the White House this election. We need significant advances in the House and the Senate. In the meantime admit that this video that pokes fun at a place we’ve all been before acceptance sets in hasn’t happened to you at some point:

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