Bernie Is Statistically Tied With Hillary In New Hampshire

While Bernie Sanders might be far behind in national recognition, it seems that in places where he’s spreading his message, he’s making a serious impact. In New Hampshire, for example, he’s statistically tied with Hillary Clinton.

The numbers don’t exactly look like a tie – Hillary has 43 percent and Bernie 35 percent, but with a 5.2 percent margin of error, that brings them right up to the same level.

Clinton is still significantly winning with women and that may never change. She leads by 18 percent with women voters. Sanders leads by 10 points with men, though.

We should remember that New Hampshire neighbors Vermont, Sanders’ home state so it’s probable that he went in with more name recognition than he will in say, Iowa.

Well, Sanders is also making headway in Iowa where a Bloomberg poll has him at 24 percent. Clinton is at 57 percent but it shows that he’s beginning to get name recognition. Among the all important independents, Sanders leads Clinton 35 – 29 percent.  That poll showed nearly identical numbers in New Hampshire, so different polling is definitely showing different results.

Interestingly, when it comes to specific questions, Sanders comes out the clear winner. For authenticity, nearly half of Iowa voters say Sanders is authentic while just 30 percent say Clinton is. The results in New Hampshire are similar.

Clinton does win on foreign policy, though, with 84 percent of voters saying she’s experienced to “navigate a dangerous world,” which might dispel the idea that if something were to happen between now and election day, a Republican would win.

For Sanders, it’s all about name recognition. While he does seem to be igniting more passion than any other candidate in the race, most voters still have no idea who he is. African-American voters, for example, have largely not heard of him at all. In fact, in a case of the worst possible timing, he was scheduled to speak to an African-American audience in, of all places, Charleston, SC last weekend. Obviously, that was canceled.

Clinton, on the other hand, has 95 percent support with non-white voters.

Clearly, Sanders is on the right track. It’s all about getting his message out there.

Featured image via AFGE on Flickr.

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