Bernie Introduces A Bill To Free The Weed (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders (D-VT) once again has done what many other politicians fail to do, actually put his platform into action. The Democratic Socialist has introduced a marijuana bill into the Senate to get the Federal Government out of the States right to legalize – how the GOP will try to spin this as unconstitutional “boogeyman socialism” is unclear as of yet.

The state wants to go forward, they should be able to go forward without legal impediments from the federal government, and that’s what this legislation is about. Colorado wants to legalize marijuana, it’s their decision. If Alabama does not want to legalize marijuana, that’s their decision. But if a state wants to go forward, it should be able to do so without impediments from the federal government, which now prevent stores that sell marijuana from using banks, because that’s in violation of federal law.

Sanders has been a long time supporter of ending the failed so-called war on drugs, and legalizing marijuana, and once again we see him do something that we should expect from all of our congressional representatives: acting on what is right and good for the American people, supporting the ACTUAL constitution, and leading the way toward a brighter future.

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Sanders is not waiting to see if he wins the Presidency to bestow on the American people what he promises, he is just doing what is right, period.

Here is Bernie Sanders, one week ago, discussing his stance on Marijuana:


Feature image via Wikimedia Commons, altered

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