Bernie ‘F*ck That Sh*t’ Sanders Streams Live Town Hall Instead Of Watching 3rd GOP Debate (VIDEO)

It was widely claimed by many on the internet that Bernie Sanders was the winner of the first two GOP debates with his live tweeting. However, Sanders said that the second GOP debate was “so painful” that he had to turn it off. Apparently, Sanders believed it was so bad, that for the third GOP debate he basically said “f*ck it,” and decided to hold a live town hall for students and young people.


This town hall is also notable because even though the GOP debate was held at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO, only 50 of the 1,000 people invited to watch in the 11,000 person venue were students or faculty. This understandably angered many students and left some wondering if the GOP is ready to dump young people the same way it has minority voters.

The painfulness of the ridiculous GOP debates combined with the GOP’s shunning of young people, led to Bernie Sanders deciding he couldn’t take it anymore. The town hall below was the result. Watch and enjoy.

Watch Bernie Sanders ignores 3rd GOP debate and holds live town hall instead:


Featured imagescreen capture via YouTube.

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