Bernie CRUSHED It In Every Online Poll, So Why Did Mainstream Media Declare Clinton The Winner?

Whether you are for Bernie or Hillary, everyone was asking the question “Who won the debate?” Depending on where you get your information, that answer will vary to a large degree. Bernie Sanders won handily in every online poll and focus group that were composed of regular people. Sanders won the CNN focus group, the Fusion focus group, and the Fox News focus group (he even converted several Hillary supporters in the Fox News group). He won the Slate online pollCNN/Time online poll9News ColoradoThe Street online pollFox5 poll, the conservative Drudge online poll and the liberal Daily Kos online poll.

Bernie clearly swept the board when it came to the opinions of masses of regular American voters, however the mainstream media is spinning a completely different opinion.

The New York Times, the New YorkerCNNPoliticoSlateNew York Magazine, and Vox all declared Hillary to be the winner, implying the same level of success for Hillary in their opinions that the actual poll numbers backed up for Bernie.

So with all this in mind the real question now is “What is up with that?”

You will hear that polls and focus groups are not scientific. This is true, but they are also not to be ignored since they are the actual opinions of voters. The media and establishment progressive news has been writing Bernie off for months, despite his record-breaking fundraising numbers, donor count, and the crowds at his events. It does leave the average person questioning exactly what is happening. Fredrik deBoer does offer up an insightful opinion in his piece quoted below:

This morning, I’ve been pointing out on Twitter that the unanimity of pro-Hillary Clinton journalism coming from the mouthpieces of establishment Democratic politics — Slate, Vox, New York Magazine, etc. — is entirely predictable and has no meaningful relationship to her actual performance at the debate last night. That’s because, one, the Democrats are a centrist party that is interested in maintaining the stranglehold of the DNC establishment on their presidential politics, and these publications toe that line. And second, because Clinton has long been assumed to be the heavy favorite to win the presidency, these publications are in a heated battle to produce the most sympathetic coverage, in order to gain access. That is a tried-and-true method of career advancement in political journalism. Ezra Klein was a well-regarded blogger and journalist. He became the most influential journalist in DC (and someone, I can tell you with great confidence, that young political journalists are terrified of crossing) through his rabid defense of Obamacare, and subsequent access to the President. That people would try and play the same role with Clinton is as natural and unsurprising as I can imagine.

This opinion pretty much nails it.

There is a massive and unfortunate tendency of progressive mainstream media outlets, such as MSNBC, Vox, etc.. to cater to politicians, or pundits in a disingenuous way by supporting them in a fashion that causes the media outlet to lose credibility. Mainstream media is based on access to a person now, rather than making sure the things the person says are factual and called-out if they are not being so.

They will tend not to call out Republican bull*hit just so they can get them to come back for more interviews on nightly cable news. They will also pander to whoever they feel will be the winner in the Democratic primary in order to keep good favor and secure media access in the future, rather than risk losing it to a competing news outlet. There are even accusations floating that CNN is scrubbing certain comments that disagree with their assessment of Hillary from their website.

This has nothing to do with who you like. You can like Bernie or Hillary and that is fine, but what we should be taking away from this is that our media is losing credibility in an effort to benefit itself. People are sick and tired of the establishment bull*hit — this is a feeling coming from both sides — and it is showing in the polling numbers for the outsiders like Trump, Ben Carson, and now Bernie. If the mainstream media keeps this up, in the face of such glaringly obvious self-serving bias, people are going to be sick and tired of them as well.

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