‘Benghazi The Musical’ Exposes Hearings As Pathetic JOKE And Waste Of YOUR Money They Are (VIDEO)

After recent revelations that the Benghazi hearings are nothing more than a partisan hit job on Hillary Clinton, it is apparent that we are watching not a true fact-finding mission by the GOP, but an ongoing political drama. Now a clever YouTube poster who goes by “PsychoSuperMom” has taken the headlines and stories about Benghazi and turned them from political theater into musical theater.

“Benghazi-The Musical” features a woman, identified at the end of the video as Lauren Mayer, playing piano, and a man named Scott Grinthal seated next to her, singing about Benghazi. Their lyrics are set to the music of several well-known Broadway show tunes, starting with “Maria” from West Side Story.

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“What’s the favorite subject of right wing nuts? Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi,” the pair belts out, doing their best Ethel Merman impression. As they sing, a series of news headlines about the Benghazi hearings flash across the screen.

The pair puts Benghazi in perspective, crooning:

Cause if we think back to, oh, Iraq? That’s a bit worse than Benghazi

In less than three minutes Mayer and Grinthal give you more information about the Benghazi hearings than you will get in a month of Sundays listening to GOP sycophant Chuck Todd and Meet the Press. It’s worth a listen, and a share, especially with your conservative uncle Fred, who thinks that Benghazi is worse than Watergate, even though he probably can’t find Benghazi, or even Libya, on a map.

Watch the video below:


Featured image via YouTube screen capture

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