Benghazi-Gate: Trey Gowdy’s Manipulation Of The Eighth Investigation Into Benghazi

It’s no surprise that Congressional Democrats are upset with the Republican House’s obsession with Benghazi. Despite investigation after investigation turning up nothing, they keep harping on it, along with many on the right. Their problem with the investigations is the same as their problem with science: Since they didn’t yield the results Republicans and conservatives wanted, then the methods, the intelligence, the testimony… something was flawed.

Apparently, Republicans are so desperate to prove a Benghazi cover-up that they’re starting to lie and cheat to get it. According to Mother Jones, the bi-partisan Benghazi committee headed by Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) isn’t so bi-partisan. A letter to Gowdy from Congressman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the top Democrat on this committee, accuses Gowdy of deliberately excluding Democrats when conducting interviews with key witnesses.

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Cummings said that both Gowdy and Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) assured him that Democrats would participate in the whole investigation, the same as the Republicans. Then he says:

Despite these pledges, Democratic Members and staff have now been excluded from at least five witness interviews that I am aware of, and the significance of these interviews was downplayed after a key witness failed to corroborate allegations we are investigating.

Whoa. That’s huge. And that’s a broken promise. But of course, we can’t have pesky Democrats hearing witness testimony that fails to support the conspiracy-theorist viewpoint, now can we?

But it gets worse. Not only did Gowdy not invite Democrats to interview a specific key witness, but they failed to allow Democrats to help interview a witness that could corroborate information about the accusation that Hillary Clinton ordered documents unfavorable to the State Department to be destroyed. The witness failed to substantiate that, and Gowdy’s staff said to Cummings’ staff, more or less, that the testimony was insignificant and didn’t matter.

Cummings also found out from television about three additional witness interviews of which he and other committee Democrats were not part. In other words, Gowdy seems to have gone to great lengths to hide things from Democrats. Why would he do that? The only reason that makes any sense is that he’s afraid if Democrats actually participate, this investigation will end like all the others — with nothing.

That letter doesn’t help Gowdy’s case at all, and it was only the first one. Mother Jones reports that all five committee Democrats sent Gowdy another letter in December, and he rejected their requests to be included in all aspects of the investigation. Cummings himself sent a third letter to Gowdy last week, again complaining about Democrats’ exclusion. Gowdy will apparently do things his way, until he either gets, or is able to manufacture, the verdict Republicans so badly want.

This is the eighth investigation into Benghazi, and if things keep going this way, it’s possible we’ll be hearing about “Benghazi-gate” soon, as it pertains to Republican leadership and their Republican minions. This is a dead issue, but Republicans are desperate to keep it alive, and it appears the lengths to which they’ll go to “prove” wrongdoing knows no bounds.

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