Ben Carson’s Own Freaking Church Wants Him To STFU, Visit A Mosque

Considering how rich in comedy he’s proven to be, is it really any wonder that Dr. Ben Carson is running a close second to Donald Trump? But even if Mr. Gravity is making humorists like myself all too happy, one of the leaders of his church would prefer he take a vow of silence.

The infomercial actor turned Republican Presidential Candidate lets it be known that he’s the most Christian-y of all the Republican 2016 insane clown posse, proudly belonging to the Seven Day Adventists. Now, Carson’s campaign has consisted largely of anti-Muslims and anti-gay rhetoric, amid a sea of breathtakingly moronic comments on basic scientific principles and the holocaust. This might lead many to believe that the entire Adventist church proudly touts Dr. Tree Bark’s same views.

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The church that sounds like a 70s rock band may have some issues with racism, but they don’t seem to share many of Carson’s views on muslims. In fact, one Seventh-day Adventist leader is politely telling Dr. Carson to STFU.

 “As a lifelong Seventh-day Adventist,” Nelson-Blake writes, “I am well aware (and assume you are, too) of the fears held by many in our community of the possibility of persecution for beliefs that differ from mainstream Christianity.”

Nelson-Blake would then equate Carson’s demonizing of Muslims is similar to others demonizing Adventists, even encouraging Carson to go a Mosque.

“Your anti-Muslim rhetoric is not only ironic,” the letter goes on, “but also immoral. I can assure you that it is not in line with our faith tradition. Our sacred texts call us to love our neighbor as ourselves—this includes our Muslim neighbor. I implore you to be a better representative of our faith community.”

Does anyone else want to a start the Derpers, a movement that demands to see Dr. Carson’s medical degree?

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