Ben Carson’s House Is A Creepy Shrine…To Ben Carson (Image Gallery)

Ben Carson is most definitely what most would call eccentric. A neurosurgeon who denies science would have to be. Now there’s concrete proof.

An article released by The Guardian on Saturday reveals just how creepy Ben Carson is by showcasing the shrine to himself that is his home.

All photos by Mark Makella, Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd.


He probably thinks he’s a stunning fellow.


Stunning enough to have himself over the mantle.


Marble engravings complete with “proverbs” misspelled.


This one tells a story, doesn’t it? It isn’t often you get to pose with Jesus for a portrait.


Just look at all those awards. Do you think he has them custom made in blue?


No narcissist’s home would be complete without a picture of himself with the Bushes.


“Gifted Hands” The story of how you can worship yourself and frame it for your hallway.



“America’s Best Leaders” in 2008 hadn’t been elected yet.


Featured image by Gage Skidmore


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